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【safety helmet】safety is the key point

From:admin    date:2017-6-9 15:32:49    View:746

Although the helmet has the function of protecting the head of the human body, it can not be adequately protected if it is not properly worn and used.
(1) in order to give full play to the protective role of the safety helmet, when using a safety helmet, we must first choose a helmet that is suitable for its own head type. When wearing the wearer must according to the degree of head circumference, transferred to the appropriate position around the cap hoop, must wear, wear strong, can not shake, otherwise, the protective effect will reduce the safety cap for impact damage.
(2) the lower cheek belt is a strap attached to the lower cheek for a secure helmet. It must be fastened with the lower cheek strap, and the tightness should be moderate. If the belt is not fastened, the helmet will leave the head as soon as a fall or an object strikes, which will not protect or achieve the best results.
(3) no ordinary or when the safety helmet helmet cap.
(4) the hot summer weather when the job is not available, visor cap to replace the safety helmet; in the winter cold weather operation is not available on the safety helmet wearing cap.
(5) wearing helmets on indoor occasions, especially in indoor live work, we should seriously wear a safety helmet, because the helmet not only can prevent collision, but also play a role in insulation.